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Bagattelle HOA-Wellington Pro Painters & Popcorn Removal

Wellington Pro Painters & Popcorn Removal is a preferred Bagatelle HOA company for residential and commercial painting. We have handled similar projects and others that have given us respect in town. We provide other services like drywall installation and repair, orange peel ceiling, smooth ceiling finish, and knockdown textures. We also do commercial popcorn ceiling removal, residential popcorn ceiling removal, and popcorn ceiling removal.

It is relatively easy to refresh your interior with a fresh coat of paint, mainly if your drywall is in good shape. If the drywall is damaged, it’s crucial to repair it before we start painting.

What is Drywall?

Most homes and commercial buildings have drywall (or sheetrock) covering their interiors. Drywall can be easily damaged by everyday life. Drywall imperfections such as cracks, dents, or peeling joint tape can be unsightly and require repair.

Drywall Repair

Preparing and repairing drywall before we begin painting is crucial for a professional-looking paint job. Hire us if you don’t feel confident about doing drywall repairs or if you haven’t done any drywall repair work before.

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Small Repairs

We start by filling minor drywall imperfections with drywall compounds and spackles. We will require a patch kit or a specially-cut piece of drywall for larger holes. It is possible to get us to do larger patching jobs.

If you notice long, tiny cracks in the ceiling or walls, they will eventually get more comprehensive and protracted if not addressed. The drywall’s studs are subject to expansion and contraction. These studs can bend under extreme heat or humidity, which can cause cracks in the wall.

Elastomeric filler can be described as a mix of caulk and spackle. We can use a putty knife or a brush to fill the cracks. Once dried, it will dry to create a paintable surface. Before we apply the paint, the filled area must first be primed.


Cracks can form in the drywall when the nail’s head bulge through it. This is due to the movement of the wall. We can repair these holes by using a drywall screw. This will secure the drywall against the wooden studs. We can remove the nail or pound the hole with a drywall repair kit. After it has dried, sand the surface until it is smooth and then paint it.


Sanding is a great way to prevent uneven surfaces. A smooth, flat surface is what you want to paint on. You may notice rough walls in random places. Poor installation or poor paint can cause unevenness.

To create a smooth surface, sand the area and fill in any gaps. Before applying primer or paint, make sure you wear a dust mask. To make cleanup more accessible, it’s a good idea put a drop cloth on the floor you are sanding.

Drywall problems are common.

We can fix a small crack or hole in a matter of minutes. However, extensive drywall repairs require knowledge and considerable effort. These are common problems that may occur in drywall.

Drywall repair

It is best to replace all drywall sheets in the case of water damage. We will consider drywall repair if the wall’s structure isn’t compromised. Identifying and fixing the cause of damage is crucial before attempting to repair drywall. After the repairs are complete, we will let the drywall dry completely and then sand any bumps using fine-grit paper. Contact us today to get our experts to your site to do drywall repairs.