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Emerald Forest HOA-Wellington Pro Painters & Popcorn Removal

Wellington Pro Painters & Popcorn Removal is a long-serving company in Emerald Forest HOA. We provide services ranging from drywall installations, drywall repairs, smooth ceiling finish, orange peel ceiling, to knockdown textures. We also do commercial popcorn ceiling removal, residential popcorn ceiling removal, popcorn ceiling removal, commercial painting, and residential painting.

Perhaps your little one was swinging indoors. Maybe your attempt to hang 50-pound mirrors went awry. No matter how it got there in the first place, if it isn’t, it is likely you’re wondering where to start when it comes to fixing it.

We can help with any size drywall hole or sheetrock repair, no matter how small, and everything in between. We are here for you if you are determined to repair this hole yourself.

Screws and spackle are the best tools for nail popping

Tiny nail holes can easily be fixed with a bit of spackle. Sand it until it is flush with the wall, then paint over.

But nail pops are different. These nail pops can be described as little holes appearing on your walls. These may occur due to settling over time and the beams supporting the drywall pushing the nails outward.

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To fix nail pops, we will need two drywall screws. One is above the nail pop, and one is below it. After the screws are in place, we will remove any damaged or popped drywall surrounding the nail. After removing the screws, we will patch the wall.

We will take care not to drive the screws too profoundly. If we do, the screw will be replaced by another one.

We will use sticky fiberglass mesh for medium-sized holes or galvanized metal patches.

If the hole is more significant than a quarter-inch, we will need to apply a spackling agent before using sticky fiberglass mesh or a metal patch made from galvanized steel. This will give the patch the structure required to withstand painting without cracking. Once we’re done, we will spray the patch with a sealant, sand it and paint it as needed.

Drywall Holes Repair Tools

We will need putty knives, seam tape, spackle, and excess drywall to repair drywall.

We will use supports and scrap of drywall for large holes.

If the hole is more than 5 inches wide, we will need to make a cut and then screw in some pieces of scrap lumber to support the replacement. Once that’s done, we will secure a section from drywall that fits inside your cutout. Then, cover the seams using self-adhesive fabric and apply drywall joints compound. After that, we will sand and paint the joint compound.

Sometimes, drywall repair can seem easy and even possible. For a more difficult job, contact us to help you.

Incorrectly patched holes or patches can cause damage to the surrounding drywall or even collapse.

We can offer a wide range of services to ensure that the interior and exterior walls are well maintained. This includes renovations or maintenance of existing buildings. We are skilled in addressing a wide range of wall surface problems.

Poor adhesion causes layers of paint to peel off. This happens most often when multiple coats have been applied. This problem can also occur if the primer layer is below the top coat. Paint peeling is most commonly caused by moisture or poor-quality paint. Experienced and reliable painters will always prepare the surface before applying high-quality paint. Contact us today to evaluate your job and give you a quote.