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Olympia Master Association-Wellington Pro Painters & Popcorn Removal

These rustic, flattened textures known as “Knockdown” are trendy in Olympia Master Association. This texture, based on skip trowels and stuccos, exudes casual elegance and can be used in various furniture, decor themes, and architectures. It is also used to hide imperfections.

The spackle and sand method can damage these walls. This will create a “bald spot” or smoother area among the textured surface.

You can’t paint over wall imperfections. If you don’t plan on hanging a photo over it, you must restore the original condition.

An aerosol texture is a spray that can be used to repair damage to a wall’s knockdown texture or to add this effect to an accent wall, room, or whole room.

Knockdown textures are typically applied commercially using a compressor and hopper gun. After applying a medium-sized splatter texture, it is allowed to dry for a brief period. The texture’s edges will dry while the tops will remain wet. The splatter is then flattened or “knocked down” with a wide-edge drywall knife. This leaves a random knockdown pattern that can be painted to your satisfaction.

For this purpose, we recommend the Water-based Knockdown Wall Texture. It is low in odor and easy to clean up. Wellington Pro Painters & Popcorn Removal also offer a Knockdown Knife that is specifically designed to patch knockdown textures.

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Before you apply the can, make sure to read the instructions. You will need to adjust the nozzle size to match the pattern on the wall if you are patching an existing knockdown texture. You can test your technique on scrap drywall.

Use the texture sparingly and in a random fashion. You can use multiple layers to create a knockdown pattern. Or, you can add heavier texture “bursts.”

Let texture set or let it dry partially. The amount of splatter texture applied will determine the specified time. Before knocking down small areas, wait for the edges to dry. You can permanently remove a small space and reapply if you need to. You should not apply the texture to 100% of the surface. When painted over, the dimension is created by the joint spaces between the texture splatters.

To achieve the final look, paint over as needed.

Residential painters have a more predictable environment. Because the residential project is smaller and more personal, homeowners have greater control. Commercial projects have more moving parts, which can lead to more problems.

Anytime during a commercial project, there can be changes in schedule, workforce, or strategy. Respecting safety regulations established by the local and national governments is essential. Reports must be submitted, and strict protocols must be observed. All residential painting contractors must have the proper safety equipment.

Asbestos Testing

Your popcorn ceiling might have asbestos if it was installed before 1980. If so, you should get it tested. To protect yourself against potential exposure, contact your local health department.

Take All Furniture Away

Popcorn ceiling removal is messy work. Ensure you remove all furniture from the space. This will keep your furniture clean and allow you to move while you work. You can also cover the floor, table, or other belongings with a rug and apply plastic sheeting to the walls.

It is also necessary to remove ceiling fans and fixtures. It is not a good idea to let water get into electrical fixtures. To ensure maximum ventilation, make sure you open all windows.