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Smooth Ceiling Finish Services-Wellington Pro Painters & Popcorn Removal

When a homeowner decides to paint home ceilings, it is viewed as a daunting task; but with the right tools, little hard work, and techniques, many people can finish this job.

The ceiling is a very crucial fixture in the basement. You may find it to seem ugly, but there is no need of getting worried because there are so many products in the marketing that will turn the ceiling into a great art piece. The basement is uninviting, cool, and dark and individuals want the opposite which is cozy and warm. People can be creative and achieving it is no longer a big deal. There are various finishing from the basement, and it is confusing to find what works perfectly for you. Basement ceilings can be in categories of suspended or drywall. Decorative touches are part of your steps of finishing. Do not get afraid to think outside the box, be creative, and experiment.

Basement ceiling finishing is not very difficult except that if you have no experience when handling this project, it can be tough. You may have to read about general basement types of ceilings before starting. The dry-walled ceiling is the first one. The only drawback is that it needs some rental equipment and so much labor. It is hard to install and can be messier than the basement ceiling systems. In case you have worries about accessing wires and pipes running on the ceiling, you can integrate it into the design and get an entrance. To emphasize the ceiling, you can use beautiful tiles and trimmings.

A suspended or dropped ceiling is yet another option for the basement. They have a grid of metals in the shape of the upside-down T that suspends wires from overhead joists. A dropped ceiling is massive because you do not have to move ducts, pipes, or wires and joists do not have to get finished ceilings to look good. This basement ceiling finishing will help you access electrical, cooling, and heating systems with ease. Adding lighting fixtures can also be done with ease. Additionally, dropped ceiling shields unnecessary noise from above. Nonetheless, the biggest disadvantage to a suspended or dropped ceiling is that it consumes so much headspace; therefore, if the basement ceiling is very low, you may want to put this into consideration first.

House painter-Wellington Pro Painters & Popcorn Removal

In case you are going to handle this project then you have to invest in the right roller extension, a good paint roller, a primer, quality paint, and a brush. Because you are doing a smooth ceiling finish, the paint roller needs to be a fine nap roller so that it gives you the desired results.

You will have to start by preparing the room with the room before beginning painting. You will have to begin by moving the furniture to the room center, leaving behind enough space on the edges so that you place a ladder when you want to start cutting the ceiling with paint. Cover the furniture with novel paper or plastic cover. You can then place your drop clothes on exposed flooring.

The next thing you need to do is to prime your ceiling before painting it. In case the ceiling has smoke damage, water stains, or other discoloration, then you will have to apply an oil-based coat of primer. You need to apply the blocking primer to cover the stains of the original painting. In case you have two minor stains, you can put spot primes in the areas minus priming the whole ceiling. You can also purchase the primer in spray, which is less messy and more convenient.

When you visit, you will realize that after completing your priming, you can start painting the ceiling. Begin by cutting in the ceiling with the ceiling paint where the ceiling is meeting the wall. A lot of ceilings have a thin channel where the ceiling meets the wall. This forms when the ceiling was undergoing initial sanding and is helpful when cutting in the ceiling paint. In case you have crown molding, you will have to cut in alongside the edge of the crown molding. After cutting the ceiling completely, you can utilize the roller to paint the remaining part. To start rolling the ceiling, apply your paint but make sure that it is not over-saturated. Unevenly apply your paint to the remaining ceiling to give it a smooth ceiling finish.

If you wish to have a completely smooth ceiling finish instead of any kind of texture to your ceiling, we can complete this job for you. The smooth ceiling finish costs more and takes more time, but you will be more pleased with the result.

The main reason this finishing method takes more time is that the drywall has to be completely sanded once the popcorn is removed. Your home and furnishings will already be covered for the popcorn removal, so you do not need to be concerned that dust from the sanding will cover your things.  

While it is possible for you to complete this finish change on your own, it’s best to trust our certified contractors to complete this job. When sanding drywall it’s possible to put too much pressure on the top layer and rub it away, causing damage to your drywall. 

Our certified contractors offer the best smooth ceiling finish in Texas because they take great care in making sure it is done correctly and as quickly as possible without adding other costs to our service for you. 

This finish is popular among our clients but it does have an added cost over knockdown texture. If you choose to have us replace the popcorn with this finish, be sure to ask about how this service affects our quote for your house or business. 

Does your Commercial building or business need help with removing the ugly popcorn on the ceiling?

Our team can take on the popcorn ceiling removal needs for a job of any size. We have experience with projects ranging from City related jobs to hotels with over 300 rooms. With our manpower, we can get the job done so give us a call for all of your commercial popcorn removal needs in Texas and surrounding areas!