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Kensington HOA-Wellington Pro Painters & Popcorn Removal

Wellington Pro Painters & Popcorn Removal is the best commercial and residential upgrade company of choice in Kensington HOA. We provide many services like residential painting, commercial painting, popcorn ceiling removal, residential popcorn ceiling removal, commercial popcorn ceiling removal, knockdown textures, orange peel ceiling, smooth ceiling finish, drywall repairs, and drywall installations.

It is easy to identify textured drywall. We can spot rough bumps on walls and ceilings with textured surfaces. Textured drywall ceilings may also be called popcorn ceilings because they have a similar look to popcorn kernels.

Many people have different opinions on the appearance of textured drywall. There are some benefits. This popcorn texture finish is an option that we can use to help you plan your next drywall project.

Textured Drywall Benefits

Textured drywall isn’t without its critics, but it does have some benefits. If you’re looking for a home improvement option, textured drywall may be the right choice.

We can add dimension to a space by adding texture to one or more of the panels. This will give the room dimension and keep it from appearing too homogeneous. We can give your room a unique look by using texture.

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It acts as camouflage. Textured drywall can conceal imperfections in the drywall’s finish, so it doesn’t need to be repaired, painted, or refinished as frequently.  These benefits are worthwhile to be noted, but we (and most homeowners and business owners) prefer smooth-textured drywall for their ceilings and walls.

Our painting teams have discovered that textured drywall can also present challenges.

A more modern look and feel: we can use textured walls and popcorn ceilings to date your business or home. We might consider removing the textured drywall from your home if you want a modern update.

It is hard to remove: Without hiring us, it is difficult to remove textured drywall without damaging the surface underneath. It’s harder to paint or clean: The texture of textured drywall can make it more difficult to paint or clean.

Reduced appeal to buyers: Textured drywall doesn’t appeal to many buyers because it looks old and is difficult to remove. Popcorn ceilings and textured walls can affect your resale price if you are selling.

Our painting company can help plan your drywall restoration project if you are unhappy with the texture of your drywall, or if you want to get rid of that orange peel texture and popcorn ceilings.

All the Pros, none of the Cons

Removing textured ceilings and interior walls, as well as applying new paint has all the benefits of textured wall. It doesn’t matter if paint makes a space more interesting. There are a lot of paint colors that we can use to add dimension and variety to your space.

A smoother finish makes it easier to repaint, repair, or replace drywall in the future. The texture won’t trap debris, so you can easily clean and dust the wall. We can hide imperfections with textured drywall but you will notice them sooner.

We can help you update your home to attract potential buyers, or to check off a long-overdue task. Get a drywall estimate from us today.

Mixed Paint – How to Create Textured Effects

We can create the texture by mixing a powdered joint material into regular paint. To get the best results, we apply the mix product in sideways strokes. A long pile roller is a good choice as it allows the paint to penetrate the texture at the lowest points and gives you a better finish. Get to us today for a quote.