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Commercial Popcorn Removal Near Me-Wellington Pro Painters & Popcorn Removal

Popcorn ceiling refers to a sprayed coating on the ceiling that dries to the textured finish. Commercial popcorn removal of the ceiling is the procedure of removing the texture to get smooth ceilings.

The popcorn ceiling was very appealing in old Florida homes, and it was used as a way of reducing reflective noise and covering tape marks and seams in the wallboard ceilings. Nonetheless, while it might have covered olden marks, it was applied too thick, which made it prone to unappealing cracks in the future.

These ceilings are not common in modest homes in Florida or elsewhere.

In case you cannot look past this outdated and old ceiling feature, considering employing a popcorn removal firm like popcorn removal Florida to get a safe and clean repair and removal process in the place of choosing handyman or DIY options. If you do not remove the acoustic popcorn and repaired it well, the process will cause more damage and harm than leaving it in the right place.

Commercial popcorn removal companies have been in business for a long and have been assisting customers to avoid the mess that comes from the removal of popcorn ceilings by themselves.

Benefits of commercial Popcorn Ceiling Removal

While putting the value of the home into consideration, it is crucial to remember that many homebuyers do not like popcorn ceilings; therefore, having them removed professionally and then repaired by a popcorn removal contractor from will automatically improve the overall value of the home. The process of popcorn ceiling removal is time-consuming because it involves so much preparation work, sanding, repainting, and scraping the ceiling. However, the result is that is it worth the cleaner and smoother-looking ceilings as compared to other remodeling projects like kitchen and bathroom makeovers. Commercial popcorn removal is the most affordable way of making the home seem cleaner, bigger, and newer. With ceilings that are smooth, businesses in Wellington will have a cleaner look and will increase in value.

In case you have imperfections and cracks in the popcorn ceiling, you may consider getting those spots repaired to match the remaining ceiling. Matching old textures can be a very long process, and the results will vary, which is a reason why you need to consider the removal of the whole texture that will add value to your home at a price that is affordable.

The other benefit to put into consideration is the cost of maintenance in the future. In case you want to carry out repairs to the ceiling soon because of cracks, new light fixtures installation, and leaks, it will be easy and cheap to repair flat ceilings than trying to match old ones.

How is the removal done?

The first thing that has to be done is removing or covering all vents, light fixtures, and smoke detectors, and fans from the ceiling. Cover the wiring to prevent exposure to water in the process of removal.

You will then have to run secured plastic sheets by tape on the walls, and tight drop cloths on floors since commercial popcorn removal may be messy; therefore, it is crucial to take preventive measures to avoid furniture debris and oil from sprinkling on walls.

You will sprinkle the ceiling with water for it to soften and moisten the texture for removal. In case the ceiling has several paint coats, you will have to sand it or scrape the texture before spraying it with water since the paint seals the water out, making it impossible to soak. After fifteen minutes of soaking, use a putty knife and popcorn removal pole scrapper for the removal process.

You can then utilize the drywall sanding pole to remove residue material, ceiling bits, or a rough coat of drywall under the ceiling. This will fix torn-off dry paper pieces from the drywall. You can then make the required repairs to the walls which were not visible with your texture. You will then apply the spackling compound carefully and give it time to dry. You will then sand it as needed. The ceiling will get painted to restore its original or better appearance.

Experience is very crucial because one mistake when doing it by yourself will lead to oversaturating with water from the spray bottle, which may damage the surface of the drywall. Additionally, to remove the popcorn following soaking the ceiling, it will glide the putty knife on the surface moving with long strokes in one direction. When done in the wrong way, the face of the ceiling will get damaged. The process requires a professional, steady hand.