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Residential Popcorn Removal Services-Wellington Pro Painters & Popcorn Removal

Residential popcorn removal is a common thing today. So is being scammed and ripped off by the contractor. There are a lot of contractors working, but there are so many fly-by-night firms and scam artists who are after ripping you off. Since the values of real estate in the nation have gotten depressed, a lot of homeowners are going for updating their current homes with an inexpensive and easy interior renovation like residential popcorn removal.

Homeowners need to ask ceiling removal artists these questions before employing them for the task. It is common to remove ceilings today because homeowners keep updating their current homes. These ceilings are outdated, and many people prefer the knockdown texture in the place of popcorn. The knockdown texture looks better and is great for return on investment. Since popcorn removal is affordable, it is an improvement that gives your home adds value. Before employing a contractor in your area, consider visiting to ask questions that matter to you most.

Should there be worries of testing for lead in the house?

If your house underwent construction before 1978, then this is a yes. Common renovation activities like demolition, sanding and cutting can bring hazardous lead chips and dust by disturbing the lead-based paint, which may harm everybody in the home.

To prevent these risks from happening, there is a rule that necessitates the use of lead-safe practices and activities that are aimed at lead poisoning prevention. All contractors that do painting, renovation, and repair projects that disturb lead-based children care facilities, paint in homes, and schools constructed before 1978 need certification and have to follow particular practices to prevent contamination from the lead. All firms that do paint repair and renovation projects for lead-based homes and schools must undergo training and certification for lead-safe practices. Therefore, for your residential popcorn removal, you need to use these certified individuals.

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Can you do it by yourself and save money?

The answer is yes. Nonetheless, saving money may become a major headache after some time for obvious reasons. The principal reason is that the job will be tough. You require special equipment, eye protection, respirators, and much more. However, homeowners lack the expertise of doing the job well and can consume so much time. The other reason is that the work may result in damages to other places in the house, floors, walls, and furniture. It is more difficult if the ceilings have paint.

Is it harder to remove painted ceilings?

Eliminating painted residential popcorn is harder because it is challenging to penetrate paint with water before the disturbance. This is an area that needs a professional contractor to get major benefits.

Will the house be messy after the removal of the popcorn ceiling?

If you decide to do it by yourself, residential popcorn removal can be messy not unless you go for a contractor to do it for you. This is the reason for covering everything with tape and plastic, cover all floors and carpets with plastic, and close areas you do not want to be affected by your job. Professional contractors will leave the house looking better and spotless than when they were getting started.

Will you have to remove all furniture from the house?

No, you will not remove the furniture from the house. Experts in residential painting, popcorn removal, drywall repair, and ceiling repair are specialists in protecting your items. They will cover everything and protect them from damage and dust. Many firms want the homeowner to remove knick-knacks and other valuable items before starting to work on the home.

How long will it take to remove the popcorn ceiling?

Each house is different. It is dependent on the scope of work and size, the ceiling height, the house condition, and whether the rooms are furnished or empty. Remember that after removing popcorn, you need to apply paint and knockdown texture to it. When you want to do it by yourself, you will spend several days doing a task that professionals will do in one day. You have to make sure that you are choosing the right contractor for your job.

How will you know the contractor of choice does a good job?

You need to do research. Ask family and friends if they know a company with a reputation in your area. You need to make sure that they have been in business for several years. It is crucial to use a firm with insurance, bonding, and licenses. A company with a repute should be registered with the right business bureaus.