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Polo West Estates HOA-Wellington Pro Painters & Popcorn Removal

Wellington Pro Painters & Popcorn Removal has handled commercial painting jobs in Polo West HOA for many years. The other services we have provided in town include drywall installation and repairs, smooth ceiling finish, orange peel finish, knockdown textures, and commercial popcorn ceiling removal. We also handle residential popcorn ceiling removal, popcorn ceiling removal, commercial painting, and residential painting.

Are you not sure what to look out for when hiring commercial painting contractors? Let us first look at some types of Paining contractors. There are three painting contractors: Commercial, Faux, and Residential.

We are specialists in exterior and interior painting for homes and flats. Before you hire us to paint your home, there are some things you need to know. Consider how many square feet we will be painting. This is crucial because one gallon of paint covers 400 sq feet. This information will allow us to determine how much paint we need and how much you will pay for labor and cleanup.

Wellington Pro Painters & Popcorn Removal are apartment complexes and office buildings experts. We have a large staff so that our services will cost more. It would help if you looked for contractors who offer discounts for multi-level buildings or a free cleanup service club. These deals can often reduce the cost of your estimate.

House painter-Wellington Pro Painters & Popcorn Removal

We are a special group. We are more well-known as decorators and painting contractors. We offer a unique type of service. While other contractors may charge you for labor, paint, and cleanup, we will provide a quote based on these factors. We will paint a job that looks like a stucco townhouse from the inside.

The estimate includes the cost of materials, labor, or many helpers needed to complete the job within a given time frame and the cleaning service. The amount of paint required to cover the requested area is essential. This was also stated earlier. The area you want to protect will determine how many gallons we need. A gallon of paint costs between 9.99 and 38.00 pounds. We will typically charge 75-80% of the total estimate to clean up.

Walls with beautiful colors are a great way to decorate your home or office. Choosing a color that matches the space’s size, appearance, and natural environment is crucial. This is why it is vital to seek the assistance of painting companies when choosing the right color for your area.

We use modern residential painting techniques to make a space stand out and transform its appearance. We can be creative and imaginative, which helps us express our creativity.


Before applying finish to the walls, we apply a texture to give them a uniform appearance. This technique requires using spackle compound, thinned plaster mud, rollers, and a painting tray. We use this technique to repair cracks or holes in walls. This means that the walls will be ready for the desired color.

To ensure that the texture compounds adhere properly, we apply a primer. After the primer dries, we can add thinned drywall mud. Once the primer dries, the texture compound is ready to be used on the walls. Texturing is a great way to conceal any imperfections on walls.

Chalkboard paint

We will need to use blue painter’s tape, a paint roll, paintbrushes, and chalkboard color. We will then use a knife to remove the chalkboard. We can also use this technique mostly to decorate a child’s bedroom. Contact us today to handle both commercial and residential painting for your premises.