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Commercial Popcorn Removal Services-Wellington Pro Painters & Popcorn Removal

When it comes to commercial popcorn removal, there are two options; doing things the easy way or doing them the hard way. Even though it is crucial that this job type is done in the right manner, you need to look for natural methods of getting textured material off the ceiling minus causing damages to the drywall. While finishing the job, you will have a clean surface where the installation can be carried out.

Even though you may use expensive products or employ costly contractors, a lot of techniques for removing popcorn come from little ingenuity. Regardless of the ceiling requires cleaning is inside the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, or any other place, the procedure does not need to be complicated. For example, after getting the ceiling area moist, you can use the shop vac to do the scrapping. In the place of using a ladder to stand and being close to the dust, you could attach the scrapper to the end of the shop vac hose. This will eliminate the risk of being on a ladder, and prevent you from breathing dust particles. The removed ceiling will go to the shop vac directly for easy disposal.

When you get to, you will realize that the other easy technique is attaching a popcorn scrapper to the extended pole utilized for painting walls. Extended poles bear the design of making it easier to get to high places with some ingenuity. You can use the same pole to get textures from the ceiling. Although it is only a small area that requires patching, the attached scrapper to the pole will work well.

You will get several tips that will help in commercial popcorn removal on ceilings that have paint. Since getting painted popcorn off is more laborious than unpainted material, the utilized techniques need to be entirely different. For example, you can purchase an affordable scorer for removing wallpaper but then score painted ceiling. With a trowel, the material will come off easily in big chunks.

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While this method emits so much dust, it is a more natural solution for commercial popcorn removal. If the location being worked on is minimal, you can try sanding off in the place of scraping and wetting. This method does not just work well and saves time but leaves the underlying drywall in a better condition. In that way, you will have a finish for applying or installing the new ceiling.

The other reason for choosing commercial popcorn removal or replacement is that it has to do with the used material. From moments when this ceiling started being used until the early 1980s, it used to contain asbestos. Asbestos is still a cancer-causing element to materials today. While it does not pose severe risks to health, once you start scraping or moving ceiling material like this off, fine particles become airborne, which then gets inhaled. At this point, the person has gotten direct exposure to materials known to cause cancer.

This does not mean that there is no option of eliminating popcorn ceiling material only that a few things will have to get determined at the beginning. The important thing is that the rooms or rooms with this ceiling type would need to undergo an assessment by trained professionals. This person will get into the home, remove a sample by use of the hazmat gear, and then take the material to the lab for analysis. If asbestos is found, the only method for the popcorn-covered ceiling will be done by licensed professionals to carry out the job. In case there is no asbestos, you could remove the material safely.

The aspect of having the ceiling covered in the popcorn removed material is that after everything is eliminated, it needs to get eliminated in a particular way. The reason behind this is that if the material got put in the trash, whenever trash haulers moved it, anybody could dump them, and they became airborne and breathed, resulting in physical severe risks to people in the environment.

When damaged, commercial popcorn removal by a professional is the only viable option. Nonetheless, if only a minor area of the ceiling got destroyed and did not mind about the look, the licensed professional will be there to handle repairs. Conversely, if the materials did not have asbestos, then you could fix them by yourself. For this, you can buy a can having popcorn-like material for the job. After finishing, you can leave the ceiling the way it is or paint it.