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Meadowland Cove HOA-Wellington Pro Painters & Popcorn Removal

Wellington Pro Painters & Popcorn Removal has been in Meadowland Cove HOA for many years. We take pride in the services we provide to all our customers. They include popcorn ceiling removal, drywall repairs, smooth ceiling finish, residential popcorn ceiling removal, and commercial painting. The other services are orange peel ceiling, commercial popcorn ceiling removal, residential painting, and knockdown textures. We are the best service providers in town and have affordable prices.

It is possible to repair a popcorn ceiling hole if it is visible. The first step involves identifying the problem. Otherwise, the issue can recur. Next, we will scrape the damaged area and an inch beyond. We sand the area and wipe it with a damp towel.

Finally, we apply a stain-blocker to the area. We then dry the entire area thoroughly. We will only use one coat at a given time. The site must dry completely before we apply additional coats if necessary. The ceiling and repair might not match even with a high-quality repair job.

Because we can remove the damaged part, a smooth ceiling is much easier to fix. It is also possible to attach it with very easy drywall screws. We then sand the area with a joint compound. We use it to smoothen any bumps. Once the site has dried completely, we paint it to match the rest.

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Because of its rough texture, maintaining a popcorn ceiling is difficult. It can also be challenging to clean because of dirt, dust, and cobwebs. We tend it by using a feather duster to remove the dust. We attach the brush attachment to the vacuum and lightly go over the ceiling. The texture of the ceiling may become loosening or crack if it is not rubbed enough.

We do not install popcorn ceilings in bathrooms or kitchens. These rooms are known to retain a lot of moisture. The ceiling’s texture becomes looser as water is absorbed.

Bathrooms and kitchens with smooth ceilings are better because moisture won’t affect them and is easier to clean. Water-resistant paint we can apply to a bathroom with a smooth ceiling.

Popcorn ceiling is probably the most well-known drywall texture. Its extruded and rounded knob-like surface is what gives it its name. Because of its uneven distribution, it is prevalent for covering ceiling repairs. It also has slight sound dampening.

Popcorn ceilings have been in and out of fashion for the past half-century. If the texture was used before 1980, it could contain asbestos. It is often easier to cover popcorn ceilings with a new layer of drywall than to try to remove them.

As you would expect, the orange peel texture has a subtly wrinkled and cracked surface that reminds us of oranges. This texture is distinguished from the knockdown varieties by its gentle curves. Orange peel applicators have been a popular choice over the past several decades. They are easily found at many home-improvement shops. You should ensure that you choose the right type for your application. The spray direction is different for wall and ceiling applications.

The ceiling is spray sand mixed with water or very thin mud and then applied using a hopper gun. When done correctly, it creates a texture that isn’t cracked or separated like orange peel. Spray sand is often used to accentuate ceilings but can also be applied to walls. We do this professionally to give your home exceptional value. Get to us today for an inspection and a quote for your job.