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Buena Vida HOA-Wellington Pro Painters & Popcorn Removal

Wellington Pro Painters & Popcorn Removal are great commercial popcorn ceiling removal gurus in Buena Vida HOA. We are strategically placed to offer the best professional services in town. Retail establishments will benefit from our experts handling popcorn ceiling removal in businesses. The other services we provide are residential painting, commercial painting, popcorn ceiling removal, residential popcorn ceiling removal, and popcorn ceiling removal. We will also handle drywall installations, drywall repairs, smooth ceiling finish, orange peel ceiling, and knockdown textures.

Before we begin, it is vital to ensure that your ceilings are asbestos-free. Before the 80s, asbestos was a common ingredient in popcorn ceilings. It was used in popcorn-like texture to aid home builders with sound travel and was also a fire retardant.

If the ceiling is positive for asbestos, you will need to have it removed by us since we have asbestos abatement licensing. Or, we can cover the ceiling entirely with plaster, drywall, or paneling.

We can prepare to remove your popcorn ceiling if it doesn’t contain asbestos. However, we take safety precautions. It’s best to wear a particulate shield during removal. We can also protect your eyes by wearing goggles.

We will take out all furniture and take extra care with sentimental or valuable items. We will cover the floor with plastic sheeting and painter’s tape. It is best not to use a cloth tarp as a floor covering because the cloth isn’t waterproof.

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We will shut off the electricity and open all windows to ensure adequate ventilation.

It is easier to remove a wet ceiling than one that is dry. To soften the material, we use a garden sprayer. Using a pump garden sprayer spray a section of approximately five by five feet with water. We wait fifteen minutes for the water to penetrate the popcorn. We do not soak the ceiling, as this could cause damage to the drywall.

It is essential to only work in small areas. Otherwise, the area will dry out before you can reach it. Wait 10-15 minutes after spraying with a garden sprayer to let the water absorb entirely.

We now start scraping. We suggest using a putty knife to rub the ceiling gently. We will be careful not to scratch the ceiling material below.

We continue moving around the room until we have removed all textures. It may be necessary to repeat the process for stubborn areas. When removing the popcorn ceiling, patience and perseverance are virtues.

Sand, Prime, and Paint

After the popcorn ceiling is removed, we sand the ceiling and make any repairs. Before we begin sanding, we ensure to repair any ceiling damage, such as gouges.

We then give the ceiling a new coat of paint after sanding it. After the paint job has dried, we will remove the plastic sheeting and reinstall ceiling fans and lights.

The value of your business will increase if the popcorn ceiling is removed. Commercial buyers today prefer smooth ceilings. If a company has popcorn ceilings, they will often have them removed before they move in. This project will increase the value of your business and help it sell more quickly.

You may notice a difference in the brightness of your premise if you take out the popcorn from the ceiling. Because the popcorn absorbs light and shadows, rooms can appear darker.

A popcorn ceiling requires a lot of maintenance and upkeep. It will be nearly impossible to match popcorn perfectly again if there is a crack or water damage. No matter how perfect you fit the popcorn, it will still be noticeable, and your attention will be drawn to that area. It can be a selling point for your business as it will draw attention to any water damage or questions. Therefore, contact us to remove the popcorn ceiling from your business premise and increase its value.