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Custom Stucco and Texturing Services-Wellington Pro Painters & Popcorn Removal

Stucco is the cement-based mixture utilized as a cover for exterior and interior walls. It is commonly used for Spanish or mission-style homes. To generate stucco, cement is a combination of inert materials like lime and sand, and water. This material is a predominant exterior finish for the exterior for both commercial and residential structures in Wellington.

When you are going to use stucco as an exterior finish to the house, walls of wood and other materials get covered with tar paper. After the application of tar paper, either galvanized metal screening or chicken wire is laid on the paper. After putting the framework in place, the leading three layers of stucco can then get applied. You can either spray or hand-apply the material. After the application, it can be troweled smooth, sprayed, floated to the sand finish, or hand-textured.

While custom stucco and texturing became populous in the US in the twentieth century, the idea is not very new. As a decorative finish or building material, stucco has been utilized for a long. The developed techniques by Romans and Greeks got elaborated and expanded upon by Italians during the renaissance. At this moment, the material got spread all over Europe. During this time, the Italians utilized the marble dust compound. When utilized for decoration, this compound can get molded into nice shapes, painted, or polished to a sheen.

Beginning in the 1950s, many builders began using various synthetic materials to resemble your stucco. These items are composed of cement panels or foam insulation boards. While the synthetics look like stucco, there are significant differences. For beginners, genuine stucco is heavier than synthetic materials. Additionally, genuine stucco is solid when tapped. It is unlikely to get damaged by a blow of some sort on the wall. Genuine stucco also holds up well in conditions of wetness. It is porous and absorbs moisture. It dries with ease without damage to the structure.

While buying a house that has exteriors of custom stucco and texture, you need to check it to make sure that the used material is not EIFS. This material sometimes has issues with moisture. The moisture issue allows underlying wood to rot and becomes very expensive to repair.

The application of the finish coat of the hard coat systems is similar. There are several options of finishing but they can get consolidated in several categories like painted stucco, acrylic finishes, and colored stucco. Colored stucco or colored cement finishes were a populous choice over the three-coat stucco for the most part of the twentieth century. It is a mixture of pigment, sand, lime, and cement. It is quite easy to apply and inexpensive, it is difficult to repair, and allows some water to through it with ease. This can either be bad or good depending on which section of the country a system gets applied within. However, if the coat at the base cracks, the finish has the guarantee of getting cracked. Colored stucco stains with ease. It is always gets applied by hand and achieves virtually any imaginable finish.

Painted stucco has been in the market for a long period and is the majority of finishes in the market. Painted stucco is a similar mixture without color; therefore, it gets applied similarly and achieves textures that are colored integrally. The final step of painted stucco is applying the paint. The paint, which is also called the coating, will be easier to patch and look more vibrant. Options of color are many and it is crucial that a good quality of paint is utilized. Acrylic stucco is the most desired finish in the market today. Some people call it synthetic stucco, which is correct because the finish is synthetic, but the system is not synthetic.

This finish is also available in many colors as the paint and has similar chemical contents to the paint but the application is thicker. This raises the cost of the whole system but provides many benefits which other finishes do not have. Acrylic stucco will bridge the majority of the hairline cracks and does not let water freely move and does not need typical maintenance for years, while painted stucco has to undergo repair and repainting after a few years. Stucco that is colored gets stained easily, is very hard to repair, and shows all cracks.

Do you have an odd-shaped building? Do you want your exterior walls to stand out without being outrageous? Custom stucco shapes and textures are a simple way to achieve lasting results. When you need the same level of protection for your unique project, it takes a real stucco professional to accomplish these goals. Before you waste time and money on inefficient contractors, you need the team with the expertise your project deserves. Choose our best stucco professionals for your custom construction needs.