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Smooth Ceiling Finish Near Me-Wellington Pro Painters & Popcorn Removal

The smooth ceilings finish type you choose needs to have a dramatic impact on the whole atmosphere of the room. The ceiling reflects light; therefore, any seams or imperfections in the wall will show through for a long. Nonetheless, while the texture conceals imperfections, it is not for everybody and maybe unappealing to homebuyers in the future.


Smooth ceiling finishes have a clean and polished appearance when finished in the right manner and do not have visible seams. Nonetheless, remember that novel homesteads may have unnecessary seams when the foundation is settling. Textured ceilings come in different styles including the orange peel, knockdown, and popcorn textures. People use the popcorn texture for insulation against noise because it is a great sound barrier.

The textured ceiling technique

If you choose to texture the ceiling, you have the option of using either the spray or powdered varieties. The texture sprays are recommended because they are inexpensive and unprofessional. You can also manually apply texture. To come up with the stomped ceiling, apply the drywall compound and then utilize the potato masher or the broom to create the texture. Even though it is somewhat challenging, you can formulate a swirled effect by using the sponge to come up with patterns in your drywall compound. Manual textures like the orange peel are hard to execute; therefore, you may consider employing a subcontractor to complete the ceiling.

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Smooth Ceiling Technique

When you visit, you will realize that the smooth ceiling finish is done just like the normal drywall. Make sure that you use the primer on the ceiling because it will increase the paint job quality dramatically. After finishing the priming of the ceiling, paint on it a color that will enhance the overall experience of the room. Employ rich, warm colors for large rooms with extremely high ceilings and light shades that are similar to other colors of the wall to create an illusion of space in rooms.

Removing Texture

A lot of people consider the popcorn ceiling as it is outdated or unattractive, with smooth or hand-textured ceilings being options that are preferred. In case your property has textured ceilings, and they are unattractive, there is a possibility that it will be redone in different textures. Nonetheless, you will be required to employ to complete this project. Popcorn removal Wellington professionals are the best since the process of removing them is not just hard, but the ceiling may also be containing asbestos, which will make the process dangerous.

The popcorn ceiling is the commonest textured ceiling removed by professionals. The description is done with the looks of bumps, cheese, or bubbles on top of the ceiling. The fortunate thing is that the process of removing the ceiling is easier than any other texture, which makes them less costly.

The other common remedy is the stippled texture of the ceiling. It is hard plaster or pastes applied by use of the hand with the brush. It has characteristics of sharp edges and swirls patterns. The stippled texture is extremely hard to remove as compared to the popcorn texture leaving more damage on the drywall. Therefore, additional sanding and patching are needed before painting.

Popcorn Texture

Smooth ceiling finishes have become very populous today. Homesteads built before the year, 1977 had contents of asbestos. Popcorn removal Wellington is certified for the removal of asbestos. Popcorn ceilings are tricky to maintain. Dust, dirt, and spider webs get trapped in rough texture, making them tricky to clean. Cleaning and texture loosen the plaster which causes it to come down or crack. They are hard to repair. The process of patching is tedious and lengthy, and may not end up matching the current texture completing the repair.

Smooth Finish

The smooth ceiling finish provides many benefits added to the modern style. It is easy to maintain, raises the ceiling visually and brightens the room, is easy to repair, and can be installed in areas of heavy moisture like the bathroom and kitchen.

Popcorn Ceiling Removal Process

This process is similar to one of the stippled ceilings. It takes longer to remove and more patching is necessary after finishing the removal. The professionals will spray the popcorn and remove it gently by scraping it. You need to cover the floors thoroughly because this will result in a mess. Using the drywall to patch the ceiling is necessary since the popcorn texture removes sections of the drywall cover. After the drywall compound dries, you can sand the areas to be smooth and then prime them.

 If you wish to have a completely smooth ceiling finish instead of any kind of texture to your ceiling, we can complete this job for you. The smooth ceiling finish costs more and takes more time, but you will be more pleased with the result. The main reason this finishing method takes more time is that the drywall has to be completely sanded once the popcorn is removed. Your home and furnishings will already be covered for the popcorn removal, so you do not need to be concerned that dust from the sanding will cover your things. While it is possible for you to complete this finish change on your own, it’s best to trust our certified contractors to complete this job. When sanding drywall it’s possible to put too much pressure on the top layer and rub it away, causing damage to your drywall.

Our certified contractors offer the best smooth ceiling finish in Wellington because they take great care in making sure it is done correctly and as quickly as possible without adding other costs to our service for you. This finish is popular among our clients but it does have an added cost over knockdown texture. If you choose to have us replace the popcorn with this finish, be sure to ask about how this service affects our quote for your house or business. 

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